On the Ground

Building Local Resiliency

Pitt Disinformation Lab works with community organizations to co-create research, drive new learning, and serve our communities in understanding information ecosystems and building resilience to disinformation across Western Pennsylvania. 

Mitigating Election Disinformation >>

Pitt Disinformation Lab is working to strengthen resilience in Pennsylvania against false narratives about our elections. We see false claims about the security of our elections repeated across years, platforms, and geographies.

Here you can find resources for you, your organization, and your community that provide accurate information about our elections and learn more about why disinformation works—and what we can all do to mitigate it.

@LocalTrust >>

Pitt Disinformation Lab’s @LocalTrust is piloting innovative ways of building resiliency to disinformation within communities. While there’s no silver bullet, we work directly with community leaders on these challenges.

We explore what disinformation is; how it works; and how to identify it. We discover where and why it is most problematic in our communities. And together, we identify strategies and concrete efforts to mitigate the effects of disinformation and to strengthen local information ecosystems. By naming the problem and identifying shared values and goals, diverse community stakeholders can come together to rebuild trust in trustworthy local institutions.