Pitt Disinformation Lab is working to strengthen resilience in Pennsylvania against false narratives about our elections. We see false claims about the security of our elections repeated across years, platforms, and geographies.

Here you can find resources for you, your organization, and your community that provide accurate information about our elections and learn more about why disinformation works—and what we can all do to mitigate it. Please share!

Behind Your Ballot

Check out these videos from Pitt Disinformation Lab researcher and History Professor Lara Putnam with answers to your questions about disinformation; as well as providing factual information about issues that have led to false claims in past elections. 

Additional Resources

Here are some resources to help share accurate information about Pennsylvania's elections, created in collaboration with Committee of 70 and with the assistance of Pennsylvania elections experts, including Jeff Greenburg.

Learn more about how county election officials and Pennsylvania’s Department of State ensure our elections are secure and understand Pennsylvania’s timelines for ballot processing, canvassing, and certification below.


Join us for a brand new series called "Elections in Focus" in partnership with Committee of 70 and All Voting is Local. Watch for more upcoming events and bookmark this page to watch the recordings.

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WATCH RECORDING: Elections in Focus: Processing and Counting of Ballots

WATCH RECORDING: Elections in Focus: Auditing and Certification of Elections