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Election Security

Our elections are under threat from nation-state adversaries. We are not currently prepared to defend the integrity of our votes at local, state, or federal levels. Pitt Cyber’s work on election security explores the technical, policy, and political challenges to securing our elections and provides practical, concrete recommendations for protecting our democracy.

Voting and Coronavirus

The global pandemic presents extraordinary challenges to the safety and accessibility of our elections. Learn more about Pitt Cyber's recommendations to protect our health and our democracy.

The Blue Ribbon Commission on Pennslyvania's Election Security

The Blue Ribbon Commission on Pennsylvania’s Election Security is an independent, bipartisan commission studying Pennsylvania’s election cybersecurity. As a battleground state, and one with outdated election infrastructure, systems, and technologies, Pennsylvania is a prime target for hackers wishing to disrupt the US electoral process. Learn more about the commission and its work on election security. 

Pennsylvania Voting Systems Selection Analysis

Pennsylvania counties have selected new paper-based voting machines. These upgrades will vastly improve the Commonwealth’s election security. Pitt Cyber and Citizens for Better Elections have collected information about each Pennsylvania county’s selection of new voting systems, particularly the vendor, configuration, and cost. Read the analysis.

Federal Funding Needs for State Election Security

State and local election officials find themselves acting as front-line cyber warriors, defending against nation-state attacks. To keep elections secure, states need resources and federal assistance. A report released by Brennan Center for Justice, Pitt Cyber, R Street Institute, and Alliance for Securing Democracy spotlights six states, including Pennslyvania. Read more.