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April 4, 2018


Pitt Cyber, Carnegie Mellon, to host “The Future of X” Salon Series


The University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute are teaming up to host a discussion series focusing on critical issues in technology, ranging from privacy and security to ethics and governance of emerging technologies.

The salons, dubbed “Future of X” will leverage the knowledge of researchers and professors from each university as well as thought leaders, policy makers, and industry executives from multiple disciplines and fields to provide a broad discussion and comprehensive analysis of issues.

The partnership applies the experience, resources and brainpower of the region’s largest academic institutions to the task of balancing the use of emerging technologies against the safety and autonomy of private lives, said David Hickton, founding director of the University of Pittsburgh Institute for Cyber Law, Policy and Security.

“For the best possible use and applications of the technologies of tomorrow, it is imperative for public and private stakeholders to share knowledge, anticipate challenges and propose solutions today. The salon series with Carnegie Mellon University is designed to highlight and advance that critical discussion.”

“Daily we see the impact and far-reaching effects of technological advances,” said Bobbie Stempfley, director of the SEI’s CERT Division. “It is our responsibility to consider the appropriate guidelines and boundaries for technology use at the same rapid pace of technology adoption. Through the Salon series we will call upon distinguished experts to provide visionary forethought to accelerate safe and secure technology adoption and use.”

Salons will be conducted under the Chatham House to allow for unfiltered and candid debate. A white paper that details the discussion and stakeholder recommendations for each issue will be released.

The first salon in the series, “The Internet of Bodies—The Security and Privacy of Precision Medicine,” will take place in early April. Salons focused on the ethics of artificial intelligence, corporate boards and cybersecurity, and critical infrastructure will take place in coming months.

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