Disinformation threatens our health, undercuts our security, and undermines our democracy. Yet, despite high-profile attention to these cascading problems, effective counter-measures remain elusive. The Pitt Disinformation Lab at the Institute for Cyber Law, Policy, and Security goes beyond passive detection and reporting to create a new, community-centered system for warning, understanding, and response to malign influence.  

​PDL connects and empowers communities to rearrange the pixels of disinformation campaigns into tools for future resilience. Where disinformation attempts to wear down society and trust in institutions, PDL strengthens the bonds between universities and neighborhoods, rural and urban citizens, the media and the public; to forge stronger networks of information that support our governance and problem-solving today and into the future.  

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Meet the Team

Composed of Pitt researchers from across disciplines, the PDL team:

  • provides early warnings of influential dis-, mis- and mal-information for Western Pennsylvania and the nation;
  • evolves anticipatory, long-term resilience within and across networks to fire-proof against the influence of future disinformation campaigns;
  • develops programs to empower platform moderators and users to collectively identify and resolve vulnerabilities; and
  • coordinates impactful strategies and policies to actively combat disinformation that meet the needs of communities on the ground.

Partners and Affiliates