Christopher A. Geary

  • Senior Manager, EY

Chris Geary is a Senior Manager at EY. 

Previously, Geary was designated as Chief of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Cyber Initiative and Resource Fusion Unit (CIRFU) located at the National Forensic and Training Alliance in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where the FBI engages with industry and academia to understand and mitigate current and emerging cyber threats.  Chris recently served as the Special Advisor the Assistant Director of the FBI’s Cyber Division in Washington, D.C.

Chris entered on duty with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in August 1999.  As a Special Agent, Chris spent 7 years leading high profile cyber investigation for the Boston Division Cyber Crime Squad and was also detailed to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Montreal, Canada representing the FBI in Project COLT (Center of Operations Linked to Telemarketing Fraud) where numerous criminals were extradited for their participation in telemarketing fraud organizations targeting senior United States’ citizens.

During his tenure with the FBI, Chris also spent 6 years designated as the FBI’s Liaison to Carnegie Mellon University’s CERT Coordination Center.  In 2012, Chris joined the Pittsburgh Division where he led cyber criminal and national security investigations.  Chris was a lead investigator in the indictment of the five Chinese military hackers committing corporate cyberespionage.  In 2015, Chris was selected to lead a new hybrid Cyber-Counterintelligence squad in the Pittsburgh Division that investigated national security cyber threats, espionage, economic espionage, theft of trade secret, proliferation, and insider threat investigations. Chris has worked and coordinated with numerous federal and state agencies, private sector cybersecurity firms, as well as large corporations and academia in investigating and mitigating cyber threats.  

Chris received his Undergraduate Degree in Accounting from Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) and his Master’s Degree in Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh.