Pitt Cyber Announces New Affiliates

Pitt Cyber’s commitment to collaboration with faculty and researchers continues with the announcement of eight new affiliate scholars and one affiliate practice scholar.

Pitt Cyber affiliate scholars are drawn from faculty across the University of Pittsburgh and are selected for their excellence in cyber-themed research and teaching. Affiliate scholars are a source for transdisciplinary collaboration and innovation across Pitt and beyond.

Matt Burton, PhD | Lecturer, Information Culture and Data Stewardship, School of Computing and Information

Lindsey French | Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Studio Arts, Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences

Michael Goodhart, PhD | Professor, Department of Political Science, Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences

M. Zia Hydari | Assistant Professor, Business Administration, Katz School of Business

Kate Joranson | Head Librarian, Frick Fine Arts Library, University Library System

Audrey Murrell | Associate Dean, College of Business Administration; Director, David Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership, Katz School of Business; Professor of Business Administration, Psychology, Public and International Affairs

Mary L. Ohmer, PhD | Associate Professor, School of Social Work

Jennifer Petrie | Assistant Director, Adjunct Faculty, David Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership, Katz School of Business

Stephen Quigley, PhD | Visiting Lecturer, Department of English Composition Program, Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences

Pitt Cyber affiliate practice scholars are selected from across industries and disciplines to be a source of practical experience and expertise for research, experiential learning, and discussion.

Christopher A. Geary | Unit Chief, Cyber Initiative & Resource Fusion Unit (CIRFU) FBI Cyber Division

"We are pleased to further expand the ranks of Pitt Cyber’s affiliates. Pitt Cyber’s breadth and depth on cross-disciplinary issues in technology is represented here in this group, with scholars focusing on issues ranging from leadership and ethics to data stewardship,” said Founding Director David Hickton. “Special Agent Chris Geary is also an exciting addition to our cyber law enforcement expertise.”


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