Pitt Cyber Announces New Affiliate Scholars

Pitt Cyber announced that Yu-Ru Lin and Amin Rahimian are joining Pitt Cyber as affiliate scholars.

Pitt Cyber affiliate scholars are drawn from faculty across the University of Pittsburgh and are selected for their excellence in cyber-themed research and teaching. Affiliate scholars are a source for transdisciplinary collaboration and innovation across Pitt and beyond.

Yu-Ru Lin is an associate professor at the School of Computing and Information. She studies social and political networks, as well as computational and visualization methods for understanding network data. Lin leads the Pitt Computational Social Dynamics Lab (PISCO Lab) and has a secondary appointment in the Intelligent Systems Program (ISP) and Political Science Department. Lin is also a member of the Pittsburgh Task Force on Public Algorithms.

Amin Rahimian is an assistant professor of Industrial Engineering at the Swanson School of Engineering. His research is at the intersection of networks, data, and decision sciences with applications to social and economic networks. Rahimian joined Pitt in 2020 following a post-doc with joint appointments at MIT Institute for Data, Systems, and Society (IDSS) and the Sloan School of Management.

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