Pitt Cyber Announces Fall 2020 Pitt Cyber Accelerator Grant Recipients

Pitt Cyber Announces Fall 2020 Accelerator Grant Recipients

Pitt Cyber is pleased to announce its awardees for the Fall 2020 Pitt Cyber Accelerator Grants Program (PCAG). PCAG provides support for projects that aim to establish or reinforce Pitt and Pitt Cyber as places of distinction and excellence in cyber studies and practice. 

The grants provide initial funding for novel and innovative multidisciplinary efforts that advance Pitt Cyber’s mission:  to bring the breadth of one of the world’s leading public research universities to bear on the critical questions of networks, data, and algorithms, with a focus on the ever-changing gaps among law, policy, and technology. 

A Computational Approach to Measuring and Explaining Sophistication and Argumentation in Political Discourse – To create new computer science methods tailored for political speech to quantify and measure the structure of argumentation. 

Malihe Alikhani, assistant professor, School of Computing and Information 

Max Goplerud, assistant professor, Department of Political Science 

Tessa Provins, assistant professor, Department of Political Science 

People-Centered Data Analysis – To develop an initiative connecting social justice advocates with Pitt researchers to generate and analyze better data in the service of social change 

Michael Goodhart, professor, Department of Political Science 

Jackie Smith, professor, Department of Sociology  

Laura Wiens, executive director, Pittsburghers for Public Transit  

Developing Digitally Mediated Transparency for Police-Community Relations – To explore the development of digital tools for mediating and increasing the transparency in police reform and citizen complaint processes. 

Sera Linardi, associate professor, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs 

Yu-Ru Lin, associate professor, School of Computing and Information 

The Cyber Ethics Education Accelerator – To strengthen cyber ethics education in K-12 education in Western Pennsylvania. 

Jennifer Petrie, postdoctoral fellow, Katz School of Business 

Anthony Rodi, clinical associate professor, Katz School of Business  

Cassie Quigley, associate professor, School of Education 


Past awardees of PCAG grants can be found here.  

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