Pitt Cyber Announces 2020 Pitt Cyber Accelerator Grant Recipients

Pitt Cyber is pleased to announce its awardees for the 2020 Pitt Cyber Accelerator Grants Program (PCAG). PCAG provides support for projects that aim to establish or reinforce Pitt and Pitt Cyber as places of distinction and excellence in cyber studies and practice.

The grants provide initial funding for novel and innovative projects that advance Pitt Cyber’s mission:  to bring the breadth of one of the world’s leading public research universities to bear on the critical questions of networks, data, and algorithms, with a focus on the ever-changing gaps among law, policy, and technology.

This year's recipients are: 

Measuring Worldviews: A Map of Stubborn Social Skills - Rongqian Ma (School of Computing and Information), Lingfei Wu (School of Computing and Information), Lara Putnam (Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences)

Investigation of Analogs between Social, Organizational, and Technical Domains for Information Security - Prashant Krishnamurthy (School of Computing and Information) and Mai Abdelhakim (Swanson School of Engineering)

Virtual Reality Gaming for Military Mission Planning - Lt. Col. Diana Bishop (US Air Force ROTC)

Evaluation of Educational Interventions in Reducing Compromises from Phishing Attacks - Muhammad “Zia” Hydari (Katz School of Business), Narayan Ramasubbu (Katz School of Business), Changran Fan (Katz School of Business)

Sensing Infrastructure - Adam J. Lee (School of Computing and Information), Amy Babay (School of Computing and Information), Jacob Biehl (School of Computing and Information), Adriana Kovashka (School of Computing and Information) Olga Kuchinskaya (Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences), Stephen Lee,(School of Computing and Information), Eleanor “Nora” Mattern (School of Computing and Information).

Past awardees of PCAG grants can be found here.

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