Commission Members

The Blue Ribbon Commission on Pennsylvania’s Election Security is an independent, bipartisan commission.

Commission Members

David Hickton – Commission co-chair; Founding Director, Pitt Cyber, University of Pittsburgh and former US Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania
Paul McNulty – Commission co-chair; President, Grove City College and former US Deputy Attorney General and former US Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia.

Jim Brown – Former Chief of Staff to US Senator Robert P. Casey, Jr; former Chief of Staff to Pennsylvania Governor Robert P. Casey
Esther L. Bush – President and CEO, Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh
Mary Ellen Callahan – Former Chief Privacy Officer, US Department of Homeland Security
Susan Carty – President, League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania
Nelson A. Diaz – Retired judge, Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas
Jane Earll – Attorney; former Pennsylvania State Senator
Douglas E. Hill – Executive Director, County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania
Mark A. Holman – Partner, Ridge Policy Group; former Deputy Assistant to the President for Homeland Security; former Chief of Staff to Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge
Ken Lawrence – Vice Chair, Montgomery County Board of Commissioners
Mark A. Nordenberg – Chair of the Institute of Politics, University of Pittsburgh; Chancellor Emeritus of the University; Distinguished Service Professor of Law
Grant Oliphant – President, The Heinz Endowments
Pedro A. Ramos – President and CEO, The Philadelphia Foundation
James C. Roddey – Former Chief Executive, Allegheny County
Marian K. Schneider – President, Verified Voting; former Pennsylvania Deputy Secretary of State for Elections and Administration
Bobbie Stempfley – Director, CERT Division, Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University
David Thornburgh – President and CEO, Committee of Seventy
Sharon Werner – Former Chief of Staff to US Attorneys General Eric H. Holder, Jr. and Loretta E. Lynch
Dennis Yablonsky – Former CEO, Allegheny Conference on Community Development; former Pennsylvania Secretary of Community and Economic Development

Senior Advisors

Charlie Dent – Former US Congressman, 15th District of Pennsylvania
Paul H. O’Neill – 72nd Secretary of the US Treasury
Dick Thornburgh – Former Governor, Pennsylvania; former Attorney General of the United States; former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations

*Affiliations are provided for identification purposes. Commission members are serving in their personal capacities.

Staff to the Commission

Beth Schwanke – Executive Director, Pitt Cyber
Christopher Deluzio – Policy Director, Pitt Cyber