Local agencies across the United States are deploying algorithms with little oversight and, sometimes, little awareness of the potential consequences. The Pittsburgh Task Force on Public Algorithms seeks to establish best practices and practical guidance for those municipalities seeking to ensure algorithmic accountability and equity for all residents.

Connect With Us

We welcome public comments to develop the task force's work. Let us know what matters to you. 

  • Do you have concerns about government use of algorithms?
  • Has it affected you personally?
  • Is there a specific area you want the task force to study?
  • What should accountability by the government look like?
  • How should communities be a part of this process? 

The Task Force will be hosting events open to the public. You can also sign up to receive email alerts for this and other details related to the task force. 

Community Resources

Want to learn more about government use of algorithms? We've compiled a few of our favorite resources.