The Forbes Corridor Colloquia will bring together faculty and graduate students from across various disciplines at the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University. 

As we consider the short-term and long-term influences of advancing technology on our local and global communities, the niche expertise of our partnering institutions can offer a robust cross-section of research areas, pedagogical ambitions and local connections to buttress how we consider the shape of influences and advances in next-generation technologies.

The Forbes Corridor Colloquia is hosted by Pitt Cyber, the Institute for Writing Excellence in the Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences, and the Sara Fine Institute in the School of Computing and Information.The Forbes Corridor Colloquia will build bridges across domain areas and institutions, where we can discover our common interests locally, as well as invite key thinkers from outside our community to generate new directions for our shared work. 

How It Works

The Forbes Corridor Colloquia is built to offer meaningful academic and applied exchanges between faculty and researchers at Pitt and CMU. Each institution boasts faculty with disciplinary niches that often complement one another and push the next stages of innovation in local, national, and international contexts. 

With opportunities for faculty to meet in a structured format that facilitate the exchange of ideas on ongoing research and pedagogical design, we can identify key areas for collaboration and exchange to the mutual benefit of all parties. Such prospective partnerships can push the sophistication of next-generation technology and strengthen educational approaches related to technology and data.  In addition, we aim to broaden discussions and the development of guidance for future policy to guide responsible and equitable integration of these systems into local and global citizens’ lives. 

The structure of the Colloquia allows individuals to drop in and drop out of the sessions based on interests in the thematic threads. But the high-level themes also suggest a wide inclusionary effort to bring a myriad of faculty, students, and community stakeholders to this group as we collectively consider the scale and impact of advancing technological systems on our academic work and everyday lives. 

Goals for the Colloquia

Our goals for the Forbes Corridor Colloquia include supporting:

  • Innovative presentations from local faculty
  • Interactive talks from guest speakers
  • Attendance and participation from faculty, researchers and graduate students from a range of disciplinary practices
  • Meaningful interaction and discussion in each session
  • Prospective collaborations for ongoing or new projects that include the pursuit of sponsorship through grants or institutional curricular design

Schedule of Events

We will initially meet virtually but move to in-person or hybrid sessions as our current circumstances and institutional postures allow in the context of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. 

September 22nd, 4:00 PM:  Virtual Kick-Off

October 7th, 4:00 PM

Responsibility Creating Human-Robot Interactions | Henny Admoni  

Towards Responsible and Trustworthy Interactive Language Technologies | Malihe Alikhani 

Register via Zoom

October 14th, 4:00 PM 

Responsible AI: How Can We Make Artificial Intelligence Work for Everyone? | James Foulds

Watch Now

 November 4th, 4:00 PM

Ethics and AI in Medicine: Transparency about What? | Alex London (CMU) and Dr. Lisa Parker (Pitt) 

Together, Professors London and Parker will provoke our thinking as we consider the role of trust in their research and institutional work, as well as how we consider the role of trust in our own research and teaching. 

November 18th, 4:00 PM

City of Pittsburgh, Autonomous Vehicles, and Public Trust | Erin Clark and Kimberly Lucas, Department of Mobility and Infrastructure, City of Pittsburgh


December 2nd, 4:00 PM: End of Term Colloquia Coffee Hour

We invite participants to bring their own understandings of these concepts to the colloquia. For more information, please email