CyberCamp Instructor Information

Thank you for your interest in being an instructor for our Air Force Association CyberCamp this summer! Your participation is absolutely vital to the success of this camp. Please visit for all camp details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to participate in the entire camp to be eligible as an instructor?

Yes, we require instructors to be available Monday-Friday from 8:30am-1:00 pm. 

Do I need to create any of the curricula for the camp? 

No! We use the curriculum developed by the Air Force Association's US CyberPatriot program. PowerPoint presentation materials, talking points, etc. are all included. Instructors are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the curriculum before the camp. There is no need to create anything additional, but we recommend adding personal anecdotes and otherwise ensuring the curriculum is lively and approachable.

How big are class sizes and will I be teaching alone or with a partner? 

We keep a 1:10 instructor/student ratio at a minimum. Class sizes vary but we have roughly 15-30 students per class. There will be at least two instructors per class, sometimes three. You will be assigned a co-instructor and will be responsible for working with that co-instructor(s) to decide who teaches which portions of the materials. 

Are there any specific requirements for instructor eligibility?

Instructors are required to have their Child Protection Clearances (the University of Pittsburgh can help coordinate this). Ideally, instructors will have some hands-on/real-world experience with the cybersecurity principles being taught at the camp. 

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