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Pitt offers a range of cyber-related courses across disciplines throughout the University.

Featured Courses

Here are a few highlighted courses in Fall 2018 from Pitt Cyber Affiliate Scholars: 

Cyber Law and Policy (LAW 5623)

Instructor: David Hickton

This course will explore theoretical and practical aspects of nation-state legal issues concerning cyberspace, including computer-related crime, espionage, war, and international governance.

Applied Cryptography and Network Security (CS 1653)

Instructor: Adam Lee

The goal of this course is to provide students the necessary conceptual background and hands-on experience to understand the most common cryptographic algorithms and protocols and how to use them to secure distributed applications and computer networks.

Digital Humanities (LIS 2671)

Instructor: Alison Langmead

This course will investigate the ways in which humanists are using digital tools and digital techniques in their research, and the relationship between those tools and techniques and the information sciences.

Hacking for Defense (ME 2811)

Instructors: William Clark and Dan Cole

This course will teach students how to rapidly build products and services using Lean Methods, and will provide students with hands-on experience in working real problems for the Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community (IC).

Dependable Computer Architecture (ECE 2195)

Instructor: Alan D. George

The focus of studies in this course is the design and analysis of dependable machines, from small embedded systems to space-based platforms to high-end supercomputers, in terms of reliability, availability, performability, testability, and safety metrics, and more.

Introduction to Coding and Computational Social Science (PS 1702)

Instructor: Michael Colaresi

This class is meant to be a gentle introduction to the opportunities and challenges with both collecting and exploring digitally available political and social information such as text, geo-locations and social media connections.

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